2015: Learning from People


I've been away from the blog for a while now, but this is actually a good thing since I had time to think about how this platform should actually work. Firstly, I believe this should become more useful for my personal development — o/w why should I be writing for? — and secondly, to sharing some of the good stuff I find with you.

That being said, one of my main goals for the blog is to make it more personal as well as share my thoughts more often — even if that means having more raw rather than refined content.

This is a post about some of the inspiring people I met during this year of 2014/2015.


The idea first popped out when I was still attending Central Saint Martins' Designer Profiles talks, a platform where people from the design industry come to share their thoughts and tell a bit more about their professional (sometimes personal) path. This made me think that the people I know today are the ones who'll be telling their own amazing stories in a near future. 

So here are some of the best people I got to know this year. Thank you all for keeping me stoked and laughing for the last 12 months (;



Vitor Marques is probably the most curious person I've ever met. This man has the ability to master anything he does in a fraction of time. Over the many all nighters we had, Vitor taught me how important it is to find the spot where we can ally our musts to our wants. From music to coding; acrobatics to physics, don't expect little from this genuine maker.


Kaio Fialho is a collector. In his search to understand life in it's complexity Kaio is looking forward to capture all the golden moments in his path. Great at listening and telling stories, Kaio knows how important it is to bond people together. It is not by accident that he's interested in social innovation as well as any other ideas that make tomorrow more fun.


Renato Mosh isn't capturing only beautiful moments in his 3195 analog cameras. He's living life through a different angle. This off-centred point of view has got him an arsenal of fun facts about basically... everything. I admire how Renato knows so many theories and stories no one has ever heard about. Oh, and he may never tell about his secret passion for knives.


Sweyn Hall isn't any ordinary lad. From the time I first saw this guy in my group at CSM I knew there was something special about him. An art lover, Sweyn is a passionate analog photographer and has some very quirky ideas going on in his mind. Sweyn knows how to be professional in a very relaxed way lifting up the mood of everyone in any social event.


Julius Breitenstein has the ability to keep any conversation going —  please make sure you keep his tank full with beer. A natural speaker and fellow podcaster Juju is connecting his passion for creating content with his learnings at Central Saint Martins. Btw, Julie also had some of his articles recently published by the ICON magazine.


Kai Lawrence is pushing his own limits (and very soon the design industry's) by creating beautiful solutions where craft meets industrial. Kai has a great eye for perfecting the details in everything he does. An enciclopedia of materials, processes, names and techniques that wouldn't ever fit in anyone else's mind, Kai is passionate about reinventing everyday objects.

Tawanda Chiweshe is one of those people that you envy for having such good taste. From fashion to products; graphics to music, Tawanda will definitely make a fantastic creative director anytime soon. I'm an assumed fan of his way of seeing the world, much influenced by his early Zimbabwe memories. Tawanda is a pro at learning from everyone's best qualities.

Paul De'Ath definitely pushed the bar too high for any other tutor I may have in the future. This tough man isn't a great leader only because he knows how to guide, but actually because he helps us find our own way. Paul always comes up with the right thing to say, a quality that probably will keep me going back to him when in need of any professional advice.

Hanako Zhang may come accross as the the classic shy, kawaii kind of girl but she will change your mind on the very first conversation. I'm jealous of how Hanako organizes and explains her ideas, carefully solving one problem at a time and never rushing through her creative process. A highly creative mind, currently investigating how people communicate via snail mail.


Aaron Chung has a large heart. A car aficionado spends most of his time looking for new cars to shoot exploring every nook and cranny of London. Aaron also happens to know the best asian restaurants in London. Always helping people without expecting anything back, Aaron saved me a few times during this year.  

Kasper Raunholst — aka my danish twin — was one of my latest findings of this year. A dedicated musician and passionate life explorer he is definitely learning loads about design by exploring non design-related experiences. While he gets ready for moving to India, I am sure this man will do accomplish great things wherever he is. Keep an eye open for this one.

Arya Sohrabizadeh is an irani-londoner-dane eager to learn from other cultures. Curious about moving to Asia, he is one of the few people you can dive deep in both design/life related topics getting the most from each talk. Two weeks weren't enough to learn everything from this chap and I hope we can have some skype sessions to dwelve in such topics soon.


Sebastian Oft can be very sassy sometimes but that's what makes him a great designer. Currently finishing his studies at KISD, Sebastian lived and learned lots from other cultures and knows how to work with an international team. This guy opened my eyes and got me very enthusiastic about working abroad in the future.


Flora Karger is also studying at KISD, and has fantastic team work skills. After a week working together in Singapore I can say that this independent and easy going creative woman has what it takes to lead any multidisciplinary group while still being able to find balance between work + fun. A talented graphic designer to keep track of.


Jo Barnard started her own design consultancy right after graduating from Brunel and is already catching some big fish.
I am eager to know how she and the team at Morrama will help more startups thrive with their amazingly honest approach to design. Few companies nowadays take design as a real commitment like they're doing.