A fresh new look to our film library.

The Brazilian cinematheque is responsible for the preservation of our audiovisual production. It's massive archive contemplates from film rolls to documents, books, magazines, original scripts, photos and posters. 

Today, the Cinemateca Brasileira has the largest moving image archive in Latin America. There are over 200,000 film rolls that correspond to 30,000 titles produced since 1895.

The Cinemateca isn't really known among the population though. Neither do they spread the word about their fantastic collection, or advertise their film exhibits and events. As a result it's public is very niche. 


Lack of visual consistency

Their internal communication system is unpredictable and misleading. They're failling to communicate for internal purposes, let alone attract more people to the cinematheque.


Ceci n'est pas un rouleau (de film)

The first step to create a better visual presence was to redesign the logo. Created by a renowned brazilian designer in the mid-1950's, the original symbol can be misleading in it's message. Only few people can see the film projector in it, so we opted for one of the most basic principles of moving image: the kinetoscope.


Signage and wayfinding

The indication of the internal area needed to be clearer. After analysing visitors' flow inside the building we learned which spots would the wayfinding system work at its best.


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Caue Nouer
Fernanda Silva
Lucas Terra
Marcus Brito